Profile of Rhode Island's high-tech growers

Posted by Richard Badessa on

WPRI 12 did a great piece on the up and coming growers in Rhode Island and the impressive technology they use to track individual plants!

Also in the article is a great commentary on what CBD is and how science is unlocking the power of the hemp plant to extract this wonderful substance.

Chemistry of Cannabis
A key component of what is being grown is the chemistry of cannabis, which is depicted in molecular formulas sketched on white boards and windows.
Cultivators are trying to unlock ways to grow plants with stout levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC is the main, mind-altering ingredient found in cannabis, and is also credited with relieving pain and nausea.
Other plants are said to be important for their levels of cannabidiol (CBD). CBD does not get the consumer high but it has more medicinal uses, recommended for seizures, anxiety and other applications.
“We can extract them, and produce tons of other products to really hone in those numbers and apply a product that has a specific percentage of THC and CBD,” Grillo said.


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