CBD passes stage 3 clinical trial for treatment of epilepsy in children

Posted by Richard Badessa on

The New England Journal of Medicine study finds, in a crucial randomized double blind study (learn about what this means and why it's important here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randomized_controlled_trial) that seizures of people affected with Dravet Syndrome decreased significantly while taking CBD, versus those on a placebo.

The journal's findings state: "The difference in favor of cannabidiol was seen in the first month of the maintenance period, during which the median number of convulsive seizures per month declined from 12.4 to 5.0 in the cannabidiol group and from 14.9 to 13.0 in the placebo group."

Simply stated, the amount of seizures decreased by 60% for the group using CBD, while the placebo (no CBD) decreased only 12%.

An interesting secondary result of the study came from caregivers: "37 of 60 caregivers (62%) judged their child’s overall condition improved in the cannabidiol group, as compared with 20 of 58 caregivers (34%) in the placebo group". 

The final conclusion of the study is very positive (albeit calling out some side effects of extreme sleepiness [somnolence]) - "This trial showed that cannabidiol reduced the frequency of convulsive seizures among children and young adults with the Dravet syndrome over a 14-week period but was associated with adverse events including somnolence and elevation of liver-enzyme levels. Additional data are needed to determine the long-term efficacy and safety of cannabidiol for the Dravet syndrome."


This author feels that this trial is a great step toward shining a scientific light on the benefits of CBD in a very thorough and unbiased method.


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